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Detailed Procedures of Aurora


1. Introduction

1.1 This document is complementary to the Constitution for Aurora. It describes in more detail the way of carrying out various procedures. In the case of a conflict between this document and the Constitution, the Constitution is to prevail.

1.2 These Detailed Procedures may be amended by a simple vote at an Aurora Main Meeting, but only if the amendment has been circulated to Members 28 days in advance.

2. Working with other bodies

2.1 An Aurora Main Meeting may appoint Members of Aurora to work with other appropriate bodies, including the Croydon Police Consultative Group (CCPCG), and may refer issues to the CCPCG.

3. Members

3.1 The Administrator will maintain a list of current Members. Any LGBT people with an interest in Croydon who attend a Main Meeting (except for police officers and invited guests) will be considered to be Members, unless they fail to agree to the Aims and Values of Aurora, decline to give their name to the Administrator, or say they do not wish to be a Members.*

3.2 The person administering a particular e-group or mailing list will take reasonable steps to ensure that all those on it are entitled to attend Aurora Main Meetings, including agreeing to the Aims and Values.

3.3 Members who wish to resign from Aurora must do so in writing or by e-mail to the Administrator.

3.4 If a particular Community Member has not been in touch with Aurora (for example by attending a meeting or by contributing by e-mail or an e-group) for 12 months, the Administrator will ask the Member whether he or she wishes to remain a Member. If reasonable efforts have been made to contact the Member but the Member does not respond, that person will be deemed to have resigned.

4. Preparing for Main Meetings

4.1 The date and place of each Main Meeting will be agreed at the preceding Main Meeting, and provisionally agreed at the Main Meeting before that. Meetings must be held in accessible venues.

4.2 The date and place of the next Main Meeting will be circulated to Members and also published on the Aurora Website.

4.3 The Administrator will draw up a draft agenda and submit it to the Community Representative. The Community Representative will review the agenda, make any changes necessary (having consulted with the Police Representative) and send the revised version to the Administrator who will then distribute it, together with any accompanying documents, at least seven days before the Main Meeting.

4.4 Those wishing to raise items at a Main Meeting should if possible publish them on the main Aurora e-group in time for them to be included in the draft agenda; otherwise they may be raised under Any Other Business.

5. Conduct of Main Meetings

5.1 The Administrator will keep minutes of all Main Meetings, and will issue the minutes to Members within 14 days of the Main Meeting. If the Administrator is unable to attend a Main Meeting, the Community Representative, in consultation with the Members present, will decide who is to act as Administrator.

6. Nominations

6.1 The Administrator will request nominations for Officers two Main Meetings before the AGM and the request will also be sent out to Members and published on the website.

6.2 The Administrator will keep a list of those nominated, all of whom must be current Community Members.

6.3 No Community Officer should hold the same post for more than three years nor remain an Officer for more than five years continuously. This rule may be relaxed if the post in question would otherwise be vacant.

6.4 Nominations will close at the end of the Main Meeting before the AGM. The Administrator will include the names of those nominated in the minutes of the Main Meeting.

7. Voting

7.1 Where a vote requires a two-thirds majority, all Community Members present may vote, excluding any who became members only at this Meeting. The motion will be considered carried if there are at least twice as many valid votes in favour as those against.

7.2 For elections, all Community Members present may vote, excluding any who have only joined at this Meeting. If there is a tie for any post, the person in the chair will resolve the issue by drawing lots. If only one Member is nominated for any post, that Member will take office at the AGM without a vote.

7.3 For other votes, all Community Members present may vote, except for the person in the chair, who will have a casting vote in the case of a tie.

7.4 Voting in elections will be by secret ballot, and will be supervised by someone who is not a candidate. All other voting will be by show of hands.

7.5 The procedures for conducting elections should not be changed between the call for nominations and the AGM.

7.6 All Officers take up their posts at the AGM. The results of the elections will be included in the minutes of the AGM.

8. Communication

8.1 The Aurora Webmaster will maintain a public website for Aurora. The method used for this will be agreed at a Main Meeting, but may be dependent on the funding available (if any).

8.2 Internal communications outside Main Meetings will be via the main Aurora e-group. Exceptionally, Members who are unable to access the e-group may request communications by post.

9. Working Parties

9.1 An Aurora Main Meeting may vote to set up Working Parties to study particular matters in more detail. The Agenda for a Main Meeting will normally include reports from all the Working Parties. If no report has been received from a particular Working Party, the Main Meeting may decide to discontinue that Working Party.

10. Confidentiality

10.1 The Community Representative, having consulted with the Police Representative, may request that certain items discussed at a Main Meeting be kept confidential (in accordance with the Aims and Values, Paragraph 3.4 of the Constitution). All Members will be expected to abide by such a request.

11. Accounts

11.1 The Treasurer will administer Aurora’s funds, and keep records of money spent and received. He or she will report at each Main Meeting and will submit detailed accounts for approval at the AGM.

11.2 A Main Meeting may vote to appoint an Auditor/Financial Examiner, if thought appropriate.

* Paragraph 3.1 was amended on 13th May 2009.

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