Aurora's running expenses generally come out of the pockets of members.

Croydon police have kindly financed postal mailings to a couple of members who did not have Internet access, and the Croydon Area Gay Society, CAGS, has offered a share of the facilities it has financed at local community events.

  • In 2004 Croydon Police paid £245 to the cost of printing of 1000 publicity leaflets.
  • In 2007 Awards for All gave a grant of £6720 to the Aurora School Bullying Project. For this reason we display their logo.
  • In 2009, Croydon Voluntary Action awarded Croydon Area Gay Society (CAGS) a Grassroots grant, of which £144 was for publicity leaflets and £80 was for business-style cards to promote Aurora. The same grant also allowed CAGS to exhibit at London Pride, and the Croydon Summer Festival (August 1st) and Mela (August 2nd), when it further publicised Aurora.


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