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London Borough of Croydon
Anti-Homophobia Policy Statement



It is natural and healthy to be ourselves, it is also a basic human right. What is important is that we are allowed to be ourselves and empower others to be themselves.

Homophobic/transphobic violence and abuse can cover a wide range of actions including taunts, damage to property and serious physical assaults. These are all hate crimes and will not be tolerated. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people also experience many forms of discrimination in their daily lives from institutional discrimination to prejudice and bigotry.

We are committed to working together to combat all forms of abuse or discrimination against LGBT people. We want Croydon to be a safe place where LGBT people can visit, work, study, live and play.

We recognise that LGBT people as African, African/Caribbean, Asian or other ethnic origin, as disabled people, young and older people and economically disadvantaged people, experience further discrimination because of their sexuality or gender identity.

In particular we will:

  • Adopt a victim centred approach, which will mean that victims are believed, are treated sensitively and any action taken is with their consent.
  • Work in partnership with LGBT people, and organisations which represent them, to develop responsive services.
  • Work to develop a positive environment within each organisation, which respects and supports LGBT employees and service users.
  • Develop, and encourage implementation of, policies, strategies and practices to:
    • Support LGBT people in their learning, social and work environment
    • Challenge negative and stereotypical attitudes to sexual orientation and gender identity and
    • Ensure that policies on bullying, and other harassment, address issues of homophobia and transphobia
  • Work to eliminate discrimination and abuse against LGBT people in all spheres of influence.
  • Develop policies, practices, and procedures that reflect and respect the lifestyles of LGBT people.


Adopted by:

  • Croydon Council
  • Croydon Anti Homophobia Partnership
  • (Croydon NHS Primary Care Trust, Metropolitan Police, Croydon Lesbian and Gay Forum, Victim Support, CVA, Crime and disorder Partnership).

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