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Letter to UK police forces, August 2005



Dear ...

We support the decision to allow police officers to march in uniform in London’s Gay Pride Parade, just as they support, for instance, Christian and other religious events.

This year, during an upsurge of attacks on gay people in the London area, we have heard rap singers rationalise their message to kill gay people on allegedly Christian grounds; an eminent Church leader proposed sacking gay employees from his Church’s schools in Scotland, and certain websites, almost all of them calling themselves ‘Christian’, have attacked anything gay in the most outrageous and virulent way.

We respect the right of people to hold these views on religious grounds, however much their views may conflict with others of the same faith. But we believe that it is right and important that our police offer balanced and defensible support to all sections of society, and demonstrate this publicly.

So we particularly appreciate the very considerable efforts they have made to allow officers to march in the Pride Parade in uniform.

Signed by the civilian members of Aurora

The letter (proposed by SLAGO) was signed by a large number of Christian bodies.


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