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Previous Governing Documents


The following documents were superseded in April 2009.

They are recorded here for reference.

These earlier documents might also be relevant if the new constitution was found to be ambiguous. This is because the new constitution was intended to follow the spirit of the earlier documents. There were two exceptions: the role of the police, and a couple of small changes that had been debated and agreed when the new constitution was drawn up.

The Aims

Aurora's Aims had been agreed in 2005, 18 months before the other documents, and have remained unchanged, except for the reference to the CCPCG.

The Procedures

The Procedures had been the main governing document for Aurora.

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders had defined some details not defined in the Procedures.

Further documents

In January 2007 Aurora approved the an overview of how Aurora works and a simplified account of the roles of Officers. These documents also tightened up a few issues not specified in the Procedures and Standing Orders. The meeting in January 2008 agreed that these would be binding, and thus avoided the lengthy process needed to formally change the earlier documents.

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