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How to avoid trouble

Before you use the loo

  • Most MtFs in the early stages of transitioning, know intuitively that they can't go into the Gents when they're dressed as a women - it's too dangerous.
  • It can be unwise to hang on until you reach that ‘safe’ pub or unisex loo. If you arrive and the pub is full of skinheads, or the unisex loo is closed, you may be bursting and have no options to play with.

So think ahead (e.g.) if you’re on a train, use the (unisex) loo - don’t wait till your journey is over.

  • If you go into a pub to use the loo, consider buying a drink first to avoid attracting the staff’s attention. If you don’t ‘pass’ well, you can always leave it on the bar and then make for the loo immediately.
  • Consider using disabled or unisex loos when possible.
  • Motorway service stations encourage you to park and go straight to the eating place to find its loo. If you do this, when you leave the loo, and queue up at the food counter, other travellers are more likely to call the police. As it’s a service station there are usually police at hand, and you will be sitting over your tea and scones when they arrive. You can sometimes avoid this situation:
    • Re-fuel and use the disabled or unisex loo in the petrol station
    • If there’s more than one eating place use the loo in one, then eat in the other
    • Sometimes you can use the loo on one side of the motorway and eat on the other.


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