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What's all the fuss about?

Well, most transsexual people don't have this problem, but, if you don't pass well, then get some help from friends and your local support group.

So what's the problem?

Which Loo logo  Northamptonshire 2003

On 14th August 2003, Judge Charles Harris of Oxford County Court ruled that a landlord, who threw five transgendered women out of the Red Lion pub in Thornby after one had used the women's lavatory, had every right to treat them as men. (This is not a precedent, similar cases may be decided differently even by the same judge.)

Which Loo logo  Croydon 2003

Sara and Rita were two of the first people to attend Aurora. They had been staying in a hotel on holiday. When they emerged from the ladies they were humiliated by loud and extended protests. They came to Aurora to address this issue.

Which Loo logo  Croydon 2004

Months later Sara was driving back to Croydon with Caroline. Caroline wanted the loo, but Sara drove some considerable distance to a pub she knew was trans-friendly, to avoid any trouble.

Caroline got out and went into the pub while Sara parked. To her horror it was full of ‘skinheads’, but by then she had no option. She passed quite well, so she followed the signs to the Ladies with hardly a head turning.

Then Sara followed. Once in the pub she was rather shocked, but it was too late at that point, so, passing less well, she made a bee line for the Ladies, with a few heads now turning.

Next Caroline had to leave the loo, and now, with several eyes following, made her way out.

Finally Sara emerged and as she made for the door someone shouted abuse at her. Others began to join in. She didn’t look back, but the disturbance grew increasingly terrifying. As she made her way to the car drinkers began to spill out of the pub and some followed her down the street still shouting. She managed to reach the car, get in and drive away but was seriously shaken at the prospect that the verbal abuse could have turned to physical attack.

Which Loo logo  London Pride 2008

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The fear of violence is an important aspect of such cases and this is something that the Police are concerned to prevent.

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