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Galop's top 10 youth safety tips

Galop has been working for LGBT people with London police for well over ten years. See www.galop.org.uk

Here are their top ten safety tips for LGBT Youth.

1 Alcohol and drugs make you more vulnerable

Travel with friends. Don't take unlicensed minicabs that hang around outside clubs.

2 Avoid conflict

There is no shame in refusing to fight or trying to get away.

3 When you pull

Introduce them to a friend before you leave, or let someone know you are leaving together.

4 Going home with a stranger

Get their address before you go and leave it with a friend. If you go to yours tell then you have a friend or flatmate staying - even if you don't.

5 Chatrooms and personal ads

People lie! If they are reluctant to give any info, think carefully about meeting them.

6 Meet in public

Use a cafe or bar for blind dates. You can get away easily if you're not interested.

7 Tell someone

Leave some indication beforehand of where you are going with someone you trust.

8 Get in touch

If you experience any kind of homophobic or transphobic incident contact the police or Galop's helpline (020 7704 2040) as soon as you can.

9 Get the evidence

Take photos of any injuries or damage. Keep evidence and write down everything you can remember.

10 In an emergency

Call 999. Make sure you have somewhere safe to go. Get medical attention if you need it.

What about YOU?

At present we don't have any young lesbians or gay guys taking part in Aurora, not one transsexual, intersex or transgendered teenager. You and your friends could be the first to come along.

It's hard to find out how policing affects you – what should be dealt with, improved or introduced.

Please Contact Us to have your say. We need lots of your opinion - how should the police be working with you or for you?


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