The Aurora School Bullying Project


End of Project Report, July 2008

Section 1: Spending your grant

Please give details below of the items of activities funded by this grant. Please do not send receipts with this form, but do remember to keep your receipts.

Item/activity Cost:
Promotion to schools £890
Research and Consultation £100
Leading Workshops with school staff £3,700
Total £4,690

Extra Promotion * £80
Extra Research and Consultation * £750
Extra Workshops * £1,200
Total £2030

Total amount spent by your group £6720
(This is the exact sum granted by Awards for All.)

If the items of activities detailed above are different in any way from what was stated on your original grant notification letter, use the space below to explain the change(s). Please give details of any contacts that you have made with this office to agree these changes.

* Aurora worked with others to promote the project to schools. Croydon Healthy Schools and the Borough’s Equalities Officer were particularly helpful. They enabled short presentations to various groups including a presentation to new head teachers and a professional development course through Croydon Healthy Schools, a presentation to PSHE co-ordinators in schools and one to a diverse audience including youth workers, probation officers and a GP.

This was unexpected spin-off, beyond what Aurora had planned to achieve with A4A’s grant, and remains within the budget.

Section 2: The benefits of your grant

Please give details below of the ways in which the grant has been of benefit to the work of your group.

Aurora is a group of police and LGBT community members who work together to take positive action to reduce hate crime against the LGBT community and the attitudes that support it. Aurora’s initial concern was for the bullying of LGBT pupils and LGBT staff. The project that A4A has funded also helps reduce the intolerant attitudes that pupils would otherwise take away from school, attitudes that can later support hate crime against LGBT people.

In the form in which it was launched, the project addressed all strands of equality, so it was more widely effective than Aurora’s brief required, and it has made Aurora’s work better known.

Staff have been trained and motivated for the new equalities duties of schools. The policies and practices they have taken up will continue to affect these schools in future years. Their skills will be applied further afield as they move on to other schools.

How many people benefited from the grant?

From the work projected in the grant:
Approximately 4900 students (this year)
The grant application projected 3030.

From the extra promotion through Healthy Schools Croydon and the Council’s Equalities Department, approximately 30 staff from several agencies, including head teachers and teachers responsible for PSHE.


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